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Enthusiastic about Business MakeOver and SMEs are your target audience? Then create your own, branded business innovation platform. Add tools, personalize goals, create your own community.

Business Makeover comes in 3 different flavours: Free, Professional and Enterprise

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Three flavours

With BMO Professional you can get your own platform, branded and with your content. Effective innovation support for your SME customers or partners up and running within 2 weeks.

If you have specific vision on how you would like to work with SMEs, use BMO Enterprise. BMO Enterprise is a completely tailorable platform, developed to be adaptable and sustainable. With the goals you have in mind for your audience and the richness of the BMO tooling.

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Goal driven

Downloadable templates

Online tools

Clear instructions

Organisational branding


Platform training


Organisation contact


Unlimited number of users


Own menu structure



Tool selection



Step-by-step plans



Add your tooling



Login-only use



Community building



User training



Personal support



Consumables package (yearly)





Starts at €15.000,-

Get in contact!

Contact Melissa Roelfsema for more information or advice on what flavour matches your needs. 

With we can provide our starters, and also our entrepreneurs, all the information and tools they need, and we can connect them with each other! This is possible all in just one place.

Train your business innovation skills

Do you want to know more about applying the tools to innovate your business, or to support your customers? We provide several courses in which we apply the tools and guide you to innovate your business.

Course: Innovate your business

A course in which we will apply the tools together to your business. Learn about business innovation through the applying the tools for your business. The goal is to innovate your business in which the tools will be a mean.

Course: Train-the-trainer

A course in which we will teach about how to apply the tools yourself. An excellent course for business developers, trainers, helpers, teachers, etc. We will guide you through the tools by exploring several cases which can come from your own company. The goal is to teach you to be able to apply the tools yourself. 

Reach out to Liesbeth Hijink to receive more information about the courses.

Learn more about the possibilities of your own platform?

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Get your branded toolkit

Our toolkit consists of all kind of materials.

  • Card games for inspiration on business innovation 
  • Tools supporting brainstorming 
  • Templates for testing your business 
  • Calculators for determining financial health 

Receive a selection of the materials relevant for your business to perform business innovation on actual posters and with actual cards. We have a minimum order quantity.

For more information on the possibilities reach out to Liesbeth Hijink