Business Model Cards

Business Model Cards provide you with ideas for your current or new business. The tool shows you many different existing business models that others have already successfully tried and implemented. Using the Business Model Cards, you can rethink and get inspiration for your business. It allows you to apply proven ways to organise your business instead of having to start from scratch.
2 hours
Target group

Tips for use

The Business Model Cards can be used individually but are most effective if used by a group of people. The cards will stimulate and provoke discussion about business model options, that you never thought of before. 

The Business Model Cards are a set of 52 cards. Together they provide a deck full of business model options that have already been used by others. On each card a business model is explained and illustrated with a real-life example on the back of the card.

How to use

To stimulate the use of these cards in a creative and playful manner we show two ways of how to use the cards.

Business model card game (3 to 5 players) 

An existing business or a new idea should be used as starting point. Ask one of the attendees to explain or visualize the selected business or idea. Divide the cards randomly between all players. Each player gets 5 minutes to choose 3 cards that they feel would be the best fit for the business. The players then put the cards on the table and briefly explain why they have chosen the specific cards. The cards with the most convincing arguments can then be elaborated upon.

Business analogy game (1 or more players)

The cards are used in an open discussion. Use a whiteboard or a large piece of paper. Write down your product, service or proposition idea in the middle of the paper. You can also start from a current proposition. Choose a random card and take 5 minutes to think about how to apply this business model to your case. Describe your solution in max three points on a sticky note and place them around the proposition. Repeat this exercise 3 to 5 times. Use the ingredients to build up your business model.