The COCD Box helps to select original ideas from a long list of ideas. The COCD Box is valuable if you are looking for innovative solutions and original ideas. To be able to start with the COCD box session, it is important that you have already collected several ideas, for example with your working group or with your end users.
30 min
Target group

Tips for use

To start with the COCD box session, you need at least 20 to 30 ideas.

How to use

To use this tool, the ideas must be numbered. During the session, you bring yellow, blue and red stickers, post-its, markers and a flip chart.

Step 1:  goal and context

You start the work session with a presentation in which you explain the context from which the list of ideas emerged. Also, make sure you take the participants into the context of your project. You could do this in a presentation and end up presenting the numbered list of ideas. Numbering the ideas is important so that you can easily continue working at step 2 without having to completely copy the ideas. Explain the different quadrants of the COCD Box. The canvas consists of:

Simply: (mwa): these ideas are neither feasible nor original.
Real: (now): easy to implement with low risk.
Challenging: (WOW!): An innovative and exciting idea.
Creative: (how?): Original but not (yet) feasible.

Step 2: the work session

Give each participant three pieces of each colour of the stickers. You write the numbers of the ideas on the flipchart. The participants categorize the list of ideas by placing the stickers next to the number of the idea. Each participant may defend his or her idea that did not make the selection. If another participant agrees, this idea may also be included in the selection.

Step 3: discussion

What are you going to do with the ideas? The blue ideas are the low-hanging fruit, which you can realize immediately. The red ideas require attention but can be implemented in the short term. The yellow ideas are interesting in the long term, additional research is needed.